selected works


wow was first piece I created for my cassette players. None of the players I used for the piece are up to standard or sound the same as they did when they were produced, I presume. To hear the imperfections it is best to use comparison so I decided to compare my cassette players using sine waves for the most audible pitch differences.


I wanted to explore ways in which a person interacts with a cassette player, other than just pressing play. In this piece I created, called teipitog (a play on the Icelandic word reipitog, meaning ‘tug of war’), the performer interacts with the cassette player in both a musical and tactile way.


flutter is about the sounds that were originally on cassettes, either as recordings of kids or music on mixtapes. This work is not focusing on the unpredictability of the cassette players but on the sound material that exists on the cassettes.